The deadline for the Audit & Risk Awards 2016 is fast approaching. Here are a few reasons why you should enter.

Internal auditors aren’t known for wearing their achievements on their sleeves. Often the work of auditors only comes under scrutiny when something goes wrong. It needn’t be that way.

Here are just a few reasons to enter the Audit & Risk Awards 2016 before you miss the 1 June deadline (yes, that’s just two weeks away!).

  • Share your successes loudly and proudly. You and your immediate team may know that you’re doing a good job, but what about the rest of the organisation? Having an accolade to shout about will give those who you are auditing the confidence in your abilities and this will help to improve future audits.
  • Help your organisation to make an impression. Stakeholders – whether shareholders, managers, employees or regulators – respond to welcome recognition and achievements. Winning a prestigious award from a professional body will earn your organisation kudos and give your PR team something to shout about.
  • Tell the world what internal audit can do to add value to businesses (and help to protect shareholders). More widely, it’s important that more organisations and senior managers appreciate the value of an excellent internal audit function and what it can do for them. Awards highlighting examples of good practice help to communicate the profession’s best successes.
  • Support the Chartered IIA in its efforts to help internal audit professionals gain the status and recognition they need to achieve more in their organisations. The IIA needs to hear your stories and triumphs to know what’s going on at the coal face and publicise your work more widely.

And if that wasn’t enough…

  • Each winner will be featured in a forthcoming issue of Audit & Risk magazine detailing the victors and why they won. Winners can also request a PDF version if they’d like to use it internally.
  • A winners’ logo will enable all winners to advertise their success on documents, emails and other correspondence.
  • All winners will get a certificate to show their immediate team and office what they’ve achieved and display their success to visitors.

The closing date for entries is 1 June and judging will take place shortly thereafter.

Click here for full details of categories and then fill out a nomination form before it’s too late.